No matter how precious the stone or the metal is made your jewelry off, it will fade and wear out in time. Its beauty and elegance will slowly fade and some of it may even break down but it does not mean that it cannot be restored because wherever you are in the world, there are people who specialize in not just restoring but repairing your jewelry or timepiece and bring back not just its glimmer but its overall function as well.

Generally, a jewelry store does not just sell and appraise jewelry, in fact, it also specializes in repairing and restoring old or damaged jewelry or timepieces. It has its own full-service repair department that dedicates solely to bringing back the beauty of the jewelry.

However, jewelry repair shops store and put your jewelry to their inventory as it waits to be repaired while in the queue because obviously, you are not the only customer they have. Usually, it takes seven to ten business days before you can reclaim your jewelry from a jewelry repair service and just to give you a head up, it is what the industry’s standard of serving its customers. Aside from the mentioned things above that the repair service do, they also record the details of the jewelry engraved in it to their computer database.

Over at palm springs jewelry is well taken care of a  jewelry store named Leeds and Sons that both known for its quality jewelry and intricate and reliable repair services.

Aside from selling and appraising elegant and high-quality jewelry, Leed and Sons also specialize in different repair services for its valued clients and to provide you with its services here is a list of it.

Complete Overhaul- This is specifically for timepieces that need an overhaul repair and restoration which is recommended every five to seven years and this is done by watchmakers that serve in jewelry shops. This kind of service keeps the timepiece from wearing out and being damaged.

Cleaning and polishing- This is mainly done by a regular service repair man that specializes in bringing back the glimmer and shine of your jewelry and timepiece. If your jewelry or timepiece does not have anything to be fixed then it is their job to remove that little stain and polish it until it brings back its old beauty.

Stone replacement- Some repair services also require to replace a chipped precious stone or stick it back to the jewelry piece. No matter how careful we are, there are always times that we can’t avoid accidents especially if we hit our hands to a table, a wall or a solid object that damages the ring that has a stone embedded in it.