What are the negative effects of cellphone EMF?

We all know that mobile phones are a part of our lives now. We can not live without cell phones because our work is related to the phone. It has changed the life of every single person as we can talk to anyone and at any time. The internet takes the cellphone need to another level. Apart from this, we know that vibrational healing affects our body, it can be positive or negative. But the cellphone EMF affects our body negatively.

The negative effects of cellphone EMF:

  • According to a few studies and researches, it is shown that after the spread of the use of mobile phones, cancer and tumor issues have increased. The mobile phone radiates some energy which acts as negative vibrational healing which leads to some cancer and tumor. Because the cases were increased just after using the mobile phone so many experts blame the cellphone.
  • Many experts say that mobile phone radiations will affect the heartbeat rate of people. It will disturb the heartbeat of the normal person through the vibrations so you never put your mobile phone in the pocket of your shirt or t-shirt.

These are two negative effects of cellphone EMF and you must have to keep them in mind. You can protect yourself from the above issue by using less cell phones. You will also get a lot of services provided by the sites as they are providing cellphone EMF shields which will protect you from negative effects.