Not all of us have the exact amount of knowledge when it comes to coding and programming, how much more Java? We may notice a lot of Java that pops-up in our computer screens from time to time like some software or programs that need Java to enable it to run or function properly.

Well, Java, unlike other technological advancements that we see everyday is always overlooked by many when in fact it creates a huge impact in our everyday lives.

Originated in California, under the purview of the Sun Microsystems which was founded in 1982 by three programmers in Andreas Bechtolsheim, Scott McNeally, and Vinod Khosla, these tech-savvy gentlemen have a vision of the future and found themselves more curious about our modern world in the figure of coding, by frequently questioning themselves how will they influence the world with their program, Java, which is now used widely with the technology that we are enjoying now.

Enough with the history lesson, it is much better to go straight to how Java impacts our daily lives and how it is applied to the things that we are using right now, and how it continues to evolve in a very consistent way to keep it up with the fast-paced lives of humanity.

In case you do not know, Java is a programming language which is designed to be a concurrent one, and is a class-based as well as object-oriented, computing platform which was first used in 1995 upon the introduction of Sun Microsystems. It created an enormous amount of uses and applications to websites as it is a requirement for most of it, that is why it should be installed and updated regularly. According to technological experts, if you do not use Java technology to our devices, you are denying yourself from this advanced technological infrastructure, and Java just likes how it is advertised an influenced many is an esteemed programming language poised of its performance, safety, as well as reliability.

The language programming of Java can be found from personal desktop computers, laptop computers, to data centers, gaming consoles to even the scientific supercomputers all the way to our very own mobile phones and devices making it a very ubiquitous language programming just like the Elasticsearch Java tutorial.

Java programming language expressed its design by using the distributed environment of the internet, it was mainly designed to look and feel of what C++ programming language acts and looks like but in a very simpler manner but enforces an object-oriented programming model-scale.

Java programming language can be used to make or complete any applications that can run on a single computer or be distributed among many servers as well as clients in a particular network. It can also be utilized for small application modules that are of simple design as part of a web page to create more interaction with the user.


Java has become a very popular choice for many software developers nowadays because of its consistency of updating itself while delivering exhaustive testing to keep itself up with it for the modern-day technology. Java underwent extensive testing, refinement, and has proven itself to be dedicated to being more accurate, useful not just in the community of Java developers but as well as to regular computer software users, and other industries such as engineering, and architectural designing despite being a twenty-year old programming language.

Java is mainly designed to enable development for portable, high-performance applications catered to a very wide range of computing platforms as much as possible such as the Weka software tutorial, hence enables us to earn the fundamental tenets of overarching accessibility to interact across different platforms through creating a bridge between the platforms in different environment whether it is for business, for school, for video-gaming or for software, and web designing.

Furthermore, Ansible tutorial video listed down below some of Java programming’s most notable features that enables a software developers and designers to expand their skills.

·Create software on one platform but can virtually run and functions in any platform given.

·Creates programs that can run without a web browser which has the accessibility of the web services available.

·Develops a server-side application for website purposes such as online forums, stores, polls, Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) forms of processing, a lot more.

·Have the ability to combine any applications or services by using its own language to come up with very competitive customization of applications or services.

·Can write strong and very efficient applications for mobile devices, remote processors, wireless modules, sensors, microcontrollers, gateways, as well as consumer products, and a wide range of electronic devices.

·Has the ability to enable developers as well as coders to have a consistent upgrading model to be more competitive and can even up the demands of the modern technological standards and qualities.