In our mind, there will several questions arise. One of them is “what is dating? “. According to our knowledge, we can say that it’s a dating when someone goes for an outing with opposite sex to understand him/her and discuss their future. Sometimes it is called double dates when two couples are going out together. First time date will not occur singly, it always group date. The people should choose the places like picnic spot, school function, skating parties etc. for this purpose.

Starting Policy:

Dating can be arranged via phone, internet, social media etc. Sometimes different apps help us for this purpose. But there are several steps to log in this app and some steps will be followed by the people to find out their life partner through dating. That are enlisted below:

  • At first, we should think about our own requirements. According to our requirements, we find out a good match. We should provide at least five requirements on this site.
  • For leading happy and healthy relationships, we always find out the behavior or activities that you can not like.
  • When we go out for a dating and find a suitable partner, we must say it everyone and don’t keep it secret.
  • When we meet a person for the first date, we should try to go to your known place and you must go with those people who havethe same interest in
  • People want to lead a structured life. So we always understand your partner, obviously, all information should be collected by you if you have an interest in


We all know that when guys leave their partner i.e. they can flirt with him/her, their hearts will be broken. But beside this, there are several drawbacks of dating. They are:

  • It can build jealousies and animosities between the couples if they meet anyone else.
  • The marriage which stands on a physical relationship, it will not be last at all. It is just emotional unimportant in a marriage.
  • In this partnersuche, people always try to create their good impression on him/her. For this purpose, they always present their best front to the lovers. So we can not evaluate the person’s true character.


Though it has many drawbacks, dating is the best way to find out our proper partner. Parship is the part of this dating app which finds the suitable partner for long-term relationship.