Nikoyo’s Digital Transformation in and Inspur-business in HK

Nikoyo and Inspur have had a strong and mutually advantageous collaboration since 2015. This collaboration has sparked inventions and growth technology across a variety of industries, including finance, artificial intelligence, and more. Inspur is a world leader in IT solutions, with over 33,800 employees working in over 110 countries and territories.

They are one of the top three global server manufacturers and number one in China. Nikoyo’s digital software systems can help you change your company in Hong Kong. We exist in a civilization where technologies are changing and expanding, putting pressure on businesses to adjust and stay consistent or risk falling behind with the digital age. With the help of NIKOYO, you can future-proof any firm in Hong Kong from the outset and develop a stable environment.

Begin with a digital transformation to create a smarter business in Hong Kong.

Identifying the problems you encounter and developing an appropriate innovation solution are the first steps in using technical capabilities to revolutionize your business in Hong Kong. Professional services have helped their clients adapt and simplify their businesses to the already digital environment for over 30 years.

 Our team of advising and customer support experts has helped many companies digitize their operations, and we look forward to discussing our technological know-how with many more businesses. Here’s a rundown of the digital transformation services we provide to Hong Kong businesses: Cloud-based BPM and Case Management Cyber security Information Management with Intelligence Robotic Process Automation with IoT and AI Web/Mobiles app.

Does Inspur Offers Business In Hong Kong?

Inspur provides a wide range of computers to organizations in Hong Kong is customize to almost any job. Rack servers, hot servers, AI solutions, HPC platforms, and much more are available from Inspur. Inspur’s standard workstations use Intel Xeon CPU from the 2nd generation that is adaptable to meet your requirements.