Finding the best free web hosting provider

The days where free web hosting was provided to people only through sitebuilders are far behind us. They are more options now than that which has the motive to plaster advertisements all over your website. In today’s world, several diverse and different companies now offer free website hosting that come without any ads. In fact, when you look at the uniqueness and features of all of them, the free options even beat the paid shared hosting plans. However, despite all of the present improvements, it is a global fact that the free shared web hosting is still a risky field to enter into.

What is the solution to this problem?

Website scientist have taken it upon themselves to ensure that you don’t face any problems when it comes to choosing you free web hosting provider. You can visit their website or visit the link They provide everything that is needed to meet your needs and specific wants. They have tested and worked with all of the services, and have gone through every detail when it comes to pros and cons, terms of services and conditions, uptime and stability, speeds, resources allocated, management and website building tools. They also have included information when it comes for upgrade paths you can move onto and choose once your site is ready for a paid shared hosting plan

What sort of features can you view on the website?

There are several features that one can see on the website. They are different for each free web hosting provider, and have been accurately given when it comes to each specific one. Some examples of the same include:

Web hosting

  • Fast or slow loading speeds
  • The various limited or large number of SEO options.
  • Access to fast, secure and reliable servers.
  • The pricing of the sub-domain.
  • The reliability of the site and the provider.
  • The price of SSL certificate and free site builder.
  • Whether or not the provider provides free analytical tools.
  • Access to free emails.
  • The presence of fast and free SSD storage.
  • Size of resources such as bandwidth.
  • The option of free and drag website editor.
  • Degree of CSS styling available.
  • Presence of advertisements.
  • The loading speeds.

It also takes into consideration the prices, customer support services and their quality and even their upgrade options.

Thus, if you are looking for the best free web hosting providers options, it is recommended that you visit