Get rid of Different Allergies in Dogs with Fort Lauderdal Grooming

Allergies are the reaction to the foreign substance in the immune system of the body to which pets and people are suffering. There are various types of allergies in dogs. Food allergies, skin allergies, and environmental allergens are posing challenges to the dogs and their owners. This will make things much more complicated. Dog grooming plantation fl are providing some symptoms for all of this type of allergy.

Skin Allergies

Skin allergies are also known as allergic dermatitis which is the most common type of allergic reaction to dogs. The main reason for skin allergies in dogs are as below:

  1. Food allergies
  2. Flea allergy dermatitis
  3. Environment allergens

Flea allergy is an allergic reaction to fleabites. Some dogs are allergic to the saliva of the flea. This will make dogs extremely itchy especially in the base of their tail. The skin of the dog will become inflamed, red, and scabbed. You can also notice the signs of flea dirt and sometimes the flea itself.

 Food allergies will cause itchy skin. The commonplace for food allergies in a dog is near their paws and ears. This will be accompanied by gastrointestinal symptoms. You can Schedule today your pet grooming also for this in Fort Lauderdal.

There are environmental allergens like pollen, dust, and mold which can cause atopic dermatitis or reactions. These allergies are seasonal, and you will notice the itching in a dog at certain times.

Skin allergies are considered a secondary infection. When the dog is scratching his skin then he is risking his skin to bacterial infections.