Termites and health risks

Termites are more common in residential places. But they are more dangerous than they sound to be. The terminate colony is capable of demolishing the wooden furniture. And they are also considered to be more harmful for humans. This is because they are capable of causing various health risks on humans. Here are some of the health risks which are caused because of termites.

Allergybest termite control singapore

The first and foremost reason to get rid of the termites out of the living space is they can cause allergy on humans. Especially the people who have the problems like asthma should make sure to keep the termites away from their living space. The saliva and the droppings of termites are also capable of causing the problems like skin allergy. Especially their impacts will be higher on the humans who tend to have low immunity.

Contact dermatitis

Many people are not aware of the fact that the termites are capable of causing contact dermatitis on humans. The pellets which are generated by the termite colonies are the reason behind this risk. When the pellets fall on the human skin they tend to cause issues like contact dermatitis.


Even though one may not die because of the termite bite, they may experience severe pain. The victim will suffer from itching, burn and swelling. This will also be more painful than they sound to be. Especially if they are allergic to external factors, they will get affected to a greater extent. In order to get rid of these issues, the best termite control singapore can be hired for eradicating the termites completely.