Our bodies are our most prized possessions. They make us everything that we are. A sick body makes a sick mind, and a sick mind makes life miserable. We all know how important our bodies are and the importance of keeping it hearty and healthy.  But we all know that it becomes hard to keep our bodies healthy all the time, as sickness and diseases come out of the woodwork to ruin them.

Doctors are like angels to millions of people on earth- they treat more than sick bodies, they treat lives for the better. DR Ganesh Ramalingam is one of those people, who can treat your sick body and heal your mind in times of dire need.

Dr. Ganesh Ramalingam completed his graduation from National University of Singapore from the batch of 1997 and then completed his post-graduation from The Royal College Of Surgeons in Edinburgh. He is consulting as a General Surgeon with G&L Surgical Clinic at Mount Elizabeth Novena with his specialization in General Surgery, Endoscopy, Advanced Laparoscopic Surgery, and Trauma.

Dr.Ganesh Ramalingam has also served in the Commando Unit for the Singapore Armed Forces since 1999 as The Commando Medical Officer., during his National Service and as a National Serviceman. He has also done voluntary humanitarian work on Bandah Aceh and volunteered at Jogjakarta as well. He takes a special interest in researching about Trauma, Critical care and Advanced laparoscopy and has published over 15 original articles.


Dr. Ganesh Ramalingam is a superb doctor and researcher in his field of interest.