Tips for planning screened-in porch

In many countries, the screened-in porch has gained a lot of popularity. It not only allows you to use the patio all the year but also makes more space for your house. To add the screen porch there is no need that you should have a patio or porch. You can add the screen to the house itself giving you the feel of the porch. It is very simple to add screened in porch in El Paso, TX and it also saves a lot of your money. There are a lot of new materials and designs which have come up. Let us look into some of the tips to get the best screened-in porch.

  • Consider the door dynamics: this is related to the door used to enter the screened-in porch area. Use the doors which will not block the way to enter the home. It is always advised to use aluminum doors instead of wood doors for more convenience.
  • Evaluate all aspects of screening: It is recommended to use the screening which will not get spoil by getting marks on it. Also, keep in mind using such a screening which will help to avoid the direct sharp sunrays on you.
  • Look into the light: When you add a screening porch, commonly, it can reduce the natural light in rooms besides the porch. So you need to plan if you are going to use the fans with the light or add some extra skylights. As for all the electrical work that has to be done while designing the porch.
  • Consider different screened-in porch materials: you will find many different types of materials for a screened-in porch. But make sure you select the one which will go well with the surrounding area like flooring, exterior designs, etc.
  • Research roof styles for the porch: No one would like to have a porch that is quite opposite to the entire home design. The roof style also matters a lot, it should match the roof style of the house. If you are unable to take any decision the contractor can help you to choose the right roof.


Hope this information will help you in planning the screened-in porch.