Step forward to stop violence against children

Violence against children is widespread and any children would not deserve those things at their young age. Childhood is one of the beautiful parts of everyone’s life. It is time to live happily without worrying about anything. But there are many children in the world losing their important part of life. We need to work for the social justice singapore to prevent children from the violence.

People under 18 years experience violence because of parents, guardians or other strangers. Experiencing violence in childhood would have an impact on lifelong. Violence against children deals with different types of interpersonal violence that mostly occur at different stages of life. The child violence starts from the neglecting of infants by the parents and other settings like schools.

Due to poverty, many parents sending their children to work. It is one of the crucial violence against children. At their young age, they are doing works, and the people punish them if they do not work properly. Bullying is a kind of violence against one child a group of children do unwanted aggressive behavior. It involves physical repeatedly, as it mostly occurs in schools and other places where children gather.

Emotional violence includes restricting and rejecting children. Violence can give lifelong impacts and exposure to violence at a younger age would impair brain and nervous system. There is a lot of violence against children are happening till day. We have to prevent and protect children from violence. Hence, step forward to work for social justice singapore and save the lives of children.