Spotting and solving the problem of backyard flooding 

There are various types of drainage flooded backyard solution available in the market which depends on the kind of problem in your backyard. There are various tools required for implementing this solution which include drill, hammer, tape measure, garden rake, level, wheelbarrow, and a spade. The materials which are needed for doing this are drain tubing, crushed rock, and drain cover and among others.

Below is the portion where most water logging occurs:

  1. French Drains

Installation of the French drains on one or various other spots throughout the yard will solve this problem of drainage. The trench is been dug in the soil for transporting the accumulated water to various other places in the backyard. The trench should be placed at a lower level of the house.

  1. Dry Wells

This is considered the best solution for major drainage issues in your backyard. In this well, the excess water is been stored during times of flood. When water is collected in the well then it will let out to soil slowly in small periods. This will stop the instantaneous flooding in the yard.

  1. Sump Pumps

This is the most effective way for dealing with flooded yards. It is also expensive to install. The sump pump will suck all the water and then then it will pump in the distant place away from the flooded spot.

  1. Curtain Drains

This type of drains will help in moving water away from low-lying areas. This will take it away with perforated drain pipes which are covered with the filter cloth and surrounded by stones.

  1. Elevate the yard

The portion where waterlogging is happening can be elevated with some organic topsoil and mulch. This can prevent water from pooling in the spot and will solve the problem in few hours.