Why do people buy white wedding cake Singapore?

This beautiful custom, like in the first waltz and bouquet toss, is one of those picture chances that adorns every wedding album. The very first viable in terms of a couple is cake cutting, however, originally the bride performed this alone to signify the loss of her virginity.You can get a white wedding cake singapore.

Why Is a Wedding Cake Served?

During Shakespeare’s time, a bride’s acquaintances each would contribute a delicious bun to the marriage, with the number of buns collected reflecting the bride’s popularity. The development of frosting may have occurred when early bridesmaids attempted to keep the mound from falling over by gluing the buns together with syrup and applesauce. Baking soda was an innovation that revolutionised the fundamental core of what we know as wedding cake Singapore today. Baking soda enabled cakes to reach previously unimaginable heights.

What Is the Origin of White Wedding Cakes?

The white frosting was also a mark of wealth and social standing in Victorian times;therefore, a white cake was greatly sought after. The finest white sugar required to make white frosting was quite valuable, and the thinner the cake, the wealthier the family appeared to their visitors.The white cake represented the bride as the major focal point of the event. Many brides today emulate this continuity by having cakes made in the same colour as their gown or bouquet.Wedding cakes could be any colour;however, most people believe that the foundation colour should be white. Because white is the symbol of purity, this dessert was historically known as “bride’s cake.”