The soft creamy delicacy

If you certainly as a kid what their favourite food is then most of them will surely say it was grilled cheese. But kids only knew one type of cheese and nothing else. But as we get older our taste buds start developing. And one of the cheese we have to try is the Mascarpone cheese, you can get Mascarpone Singapore and almost anywhere across the world.

What is this?

            If you aren’t familiar with this type of cheese it is an Italian double or triple cream cheese. It is made in the Lombardy region of Italy, it is made by curdling the milk cream with an acid like acetic acid or citric acid. This cheese has a very strong fat content arraying 60 – to 75%. The texture is soft, and creamy, but can also be considered thick.

What can it be used for?

            Mascarpone can be used in multiple recipes, it can be used for adding both a sweetness and savouriness to dishes. There are multiple uses, it can be used as whipping cream, frosting, used in soups, desserts and so on. It is most commonly associated with making tiramisu. But you can use it for almost anything.

How much does it cost?

            Buying Mascarpone Singapore is a very common thing, you can find it almost anywhere. If you look in Italian supermarkets you’re bound to find it. The cost will depend on the brand and the amount. It would cost around $4 and up.