Today, Tomorrow, Always with You- ACCESS Services

Does someone know about your business in the market? The answer to this question may be either Yes or No. Well, if it is a yes then that’s good. But if it is no, then you have to think about it. To deal with such kinds of daily situations, ACCESS Services lends you personal loans in Jamaica at a fast rate. These services provide all the loans to both private and public sector employees. But it is followed by a condition. Condition is that the employee should be a permanent employee and must be employed for at least six months.

These loans have come up to fulfill your financial requirements. The plus point that adds to this service is that the loans are approved on the same day. These personal loans are repaid through deduction of the salary or automatic clearing house (ACH) via NCB or BNS. ACCESS Services are on the lead of providing financial services.

The loan amount circles between J$10,000 to J$2.5 M. Personal Loans in Jamaica have their repayment time between three months to five years. These loans are provided for the following purposes:

  • To pay the utility bills
  • For home repair or improvement
  • For repairing motor vehicles or to purchase them
  • For medical expenses
  • For school expenses

ACCESS Services provides different types of loans. Some of them are- ACCESS Cash, Payroll Express, ACCESS Advance, Government Cash and Government Agency.


The procedure for applying is also very basic. It is a fast application process. You just have to spend few minutes to apply. Following is the procedure that you have to follow:

  • Step 1- Check the type of loan that you want to take.
  • Step 2- Fill in the application form and upload the required documents.
  • Step 3- Click on submit to get your loan approved.
  • Step 4- Get your money through cash or by direct deposit in your bank.

Not only this, you can even contact us on the given phone numbers. You can mail your details on the given mail id. We have also provided our address to the Head Office. You can visit us anytime. To know us better, you can follow us on the given social media links. We are always with you to help you at any cost. So, think today and have a better tomorrow.