Yes it’s true!

          Human do not any opportunity to try out the latest beauty product that come u in the market. Many people are so fond of testing every new product that is developed and want have the experience before anyone else does. The melanotan medication which is a latest addition to the skin care market is one such item which many want to lay their hands on and try the easy solution to the suntan formation process. There is the online shop which sells these medications and you can approach them for your own package as the tanning injections for sale is carried out on the online shop.

The shop:

          The online shop is open for anyone who wishes to purchase the medication from them. The purchase details and other data are also available on the webpage. The important information about the product is given online and you can find that the medication is developed for those who want to achieve a faster result when it comes to tanning the kin. Developing a tan under the sun is a slow process where you have to sit endless hours to see the results. But with this you will see marked results before your eyes.

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For all:

          The medication is common for both the genders and many find it a very easy way to get a tanned skin right from the comfort of your home. However some ultraviolet radiation is required to start the process. The tan thus obtained lasts longer than that acquired through the sun tan method. These are not just the reason why it is so sought after but that the medication offers protection against the harmful ultra violet radiation as the melanin is now available in plenty to protect the skin.

The dosage:

          Even though the tanning injections for sale is very much there, you can use only after consultation with the doctor who will prescribe the right dosage for your skin type and other factors like if you have freckles or any other relevant factors.