What are the types of room salons available?

There are different types of room salons available at salonglendas.com. You can choose the one as per your requirement. The price will be reasonable and the service is cost-effective at room salons.

Types of room salons include

  • Tenpro
  • Tencafe
  • Jjeom oh
  • Traditional room salon
  • Public room
  • Shirt room
  • Karaoke
  • Leggings room
  • Full sarong
  • Bukchangdong style hardcore


It is a bar where the only top bar can enter the room. The managers in the room are well educated and converse with the customers without any difficulty and provide the required service to them. 5-8 managers will serve the guest.


This is similar to tenpro at a reduced cost.

Jjeom oh

This system is similar to tenpro and tencafe where the managers in this room work with similar quality and appearance.

Traditional room salon

When discussing room salons, salonglendas.com is the right place to get service. This place has a bar along with a tourist hotel in it. This act is both along with the permission.

Public room

This is the cheapest and most popular place that contains bars and salons in one place. It provides hyperblick, and the table place makes it look good and quality.

Shirt room


In this room, you can change your dress as per your first choice. This also provides a skinship and touch system in this room.


In this room, both men and women can drink as per their wishes. This place you can enjoy the party with events. Both males and females can host the event.

Legging room

In this room, the size is increased than in the shirt room. You can choose the leg wearing and tank top while changing your clothes in the greeting time.

Full sarong

A soft pool choice is conducted in the choice; a hard full salon is conducted as a choice

Bukchangdong style hardcore

This room is to play hard and three-table progress is made at this place.