Best Service for Immediate Relocation

Urgent moving in Switzerland is simple

The best employer rewarded by a promotion which leads to a requirement to move to other position in the variouscities. Management requireshaving an immediate relocation, thus an urgent moving is needed. In such condition, people need managing their time in the extremely short time. The most recommended service that might support you face this situation is widmer relocation service. This article will review some of the offers that might be selected for urgent moving purposes.

Advance Packaging Service

This process is typically taking place few days before the moving time. The professional team member will come to your house to manage the packaging process. They will pack your stuff in various types of boxes to ensure it is fit and proper with the handling. It savesmuch time if you allow the team member to do this for you. So if there is a plan forrelocatingin the next three days, contact Winder soon for a quotation. They will respond in about two hours to manage the packaging services.

Furniture Dismantle and Construction

For a short relocation notice, you would not have time to dismantle your furniture yourself. This process needs sufficient tools to ensure you do it the right way. Therefore, widmer transporte provides a dismantle process to disassemble the furniture. It will save your time, and effort, thus ensure you would not risk your furniture for any damage.

The construction process is also included in the service. It means that after the stuff delivered to your new place, the moving team will re-built the furniture as its original construction. This process would also require some time. And the moving team will perform this for you until the final completion.

Transportation vehicle is equipped with the relocation lift which could enable the team to move the stuff from a window. This is extremely beneficial if there is a case when furniture could not be move through the stair. Utilizing a relocation lift would make it easier and faster.

Premium Service Package

This premium service price is very affordable if it’s compared to all the service required. It only cost you about 1499 CHF. This service includes with the furniture protection that reduces a risk of damage during transportation. The price also covers the insurance to ensure that all your materials deliver in the proper quality.

For some cases, where you need discussing a moving plan with an expert, this might be a very attractive option. You will be visited by an experienced team to discuss a moving plan. So in the end, it can bemanaged a convenient way. With all of these services, you can have everything in time even in urgent relocation plan.